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If there's a store near you that carries Vintage Street Market branded merchandise, you can avoid shipping charges and get your items faster!

The following products are Vintage Street Market branded and may be available at a store near you (depending on quantities):

  • Paper Sheets & Tags
  • Tinted Tape
  • Family Fun Collection
  • Craft Pantry Staples

Authentic vintage items

Vintage Street Market kits and other authentic vintage items are currently only available online due to their authentic vintage components and limited quantites. Once they are sold out, they are out of stock.

Other items that are available from our online store, that are not Vintage Street Market branded, may be available - but you should check with your local store for availability.

Please note that Vintage Street Market online promotions, coupons and discounts are usually not accepted by local stores.

Attention stores

If you would like your store to be added to this page, please contact us at: Click here to become a Vintage Street Market retailer.

Vintage Street Market celebrates the memories, textures, sentiments and simplicity from times past. It is our intention to offer exceptional products and superior customer service, while creating a community where nostalgia can be shared, creativity explored, and memories preserved.